BNY Mellon | Pershing Liquidity Solutions

As a high-net-worth client you may wish to take advantage of important opportunities such as expanding a business or purchasing real estate. You need access to sophisticated liquidity solutions that can help you make your aspirations a reality. To help you achieve a wide range of goals, you need to be able to manage both sides of your balance sheets.


Postillion and BNY Mellon | Pershing can offer you access to an array of liquidity solutions to avoid disrupting your portfolio. We can help you with your financing needs through Pershing’s traditional margin lending or LoanAdvance™, a non-purpose, securities-based loan. To meet more complex lending needs, take advantage of the expertise of BNY Mellon’s Private Banking team. This team can introduce you to an Investment Credit Line (ICL), jumbo residential mortgage or additional specialized financing solutions. To learn more download the Loan Advance Investor Brochure or the Investment Credit Line Fact Sheet

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